February Team letter from Revd. Alan Perry

Posted on by Tania Birtwistle



On Monday 26, Tuesday 27, and Wednesday 28 March 2018 during Holy Week, members of Churches across Sole Bay and people from the local community will be performing a modern Passion Play in Southwold, in a number of locations, including St. Edmund’s Church.


I have the privilege of directing the play, written by Kate Miller, and I am very impressed by the commitment of the actors, several who have never acted in a play before.  Steve Peck, a professional actor is playing the part of Jesus, or Yeshua, as he is known in the play, which is the Hebrew form of Jesus’ name.


The play is set in the present day and so both the feel of the play and the costumes are modern.  The play helps us to imagine what it might have been like if Jesus had begun his ministry today.


The play is designed to challenge us and help us appreciate that the Gospel of Christ is as relevant today as when Jesus was alive on earth, 2000 years ago.


There is a real creativity and drive by the cast and stage crew to give the audience a performance that they will never forget.


The play utilises outside acting areas and begins on St Bartholomew Green, as well as the new space created by the re-ordering of St Edmund’s Church.  The play is designed for the audience to promenade apart from anyone who would find this physically challenging so some seating will be provided inside the church.


Monday and Wednesday’s performances are at 7.00pm and Tuesday’s performance is at 2.30pm.


Please come and support us in this very new venture for Sole Bay.


Tickets: Adults £10, Under 16s £8, can be obtained from The Southwold Arts Centre 01502 722572 or from www.ticketsource.co.uk/southwold-arts-centre.  Also, from Rev Alan or Joan Goldsmith at the Stella Peskett Millennium Hall.


Alan Perry. Team Vicar Sole Bay Team