Revd Simon Pitcher

Letter from Revd. Simon Pitcher

Posted on by Tania Birtwistle

Dear Friends,


At Christmas we celebrated the birth of Christ, God with us.  Jesus of Nazareth was not born into a perfect world, and nor did he come to perfect people.  He came to bind up our wounds, to heal the broken hearted, to comfort those who mourn, and to bring good news to the oppressed.  Those who are His disciples serve Him with our hands, voices and lives by following his example.  The Church is called to be good news.


On 6th January we celebrate the feast of Epiphany, a celebration associated with the visit of the three wise men.  The Epiphany marks a change of gear, ending our Christmas celebrations of Christ’s birth, and considering instead the implications that “Christ dwelt among us.”  Christ dwelt on earth with all people and with all of creation.  He did not just live among and for a chosen people, but brought God’s Good News to those who were near and to those who were far off.


January is a month in which we might reflect upon what our Christmas celebrations have meant to us.  What does it mean to have celebrated Christ’s birth, has anything changed for us, and how might we make him known as he continues to live among us today?


We do not have long to think about these things because before we come to the end of February we find ourselves in Lent.  Ash Wednesday falls on 18th February.  Lent is a time in the Christian calendar for prayer, for repentance and for simplicity.  As we remember that Christ withdrew into the desert for 40 days in order to prepare for the important work he was to do, so too we can use the season to draw closer to God through a period of quiet daily prayer.  Giving up chocolate, or alcohol, or whatever else we might choose, is helpful if we invite God to fill the empty space.  Why not join one of our Christians Together Lent Groups or come along to our Sunday evening services and find what God has to say to you in the still quietness of a Holy Lent.


Yours in Christ.