Revd Simon Pitcher

Letter from Revd. Simon Pitcher for September

Posted on by Tania Birtwistle

Dear Friends

The headline news from early August was the world wide commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Great Britain’s entry into the first world war.  Our local team of churches in Sole Bay participated in these global events by holding a number of services and acts of worship in church and at war memorials.  Over the course of the next four years there will be a number of significant commemorations that remember land marks in the course of the war.  The 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, and of the Armistice are obvious examples of events worthy of commemoration.

Watching some of the events on television I was moved by the commemoration at the cemetery of St Symphorien where German and British soldiers lie side by side, and in particular by a song written and performed by a young girl from Yorkshire.  In her song she emphasised how young people today will not forget the events of the past.

In Glasgow banners were waved proclaiming no more war, whilst at the same time fighting was taking place in Gaza and Iraq.  As Christians we celebrate that Jesus Christ is the King of Peace.  His command to his disciples is “to love one another as I have loved you”.  This means with courage and sacrifice in laying down personal ambition, preference and desire for the sake of the one who is loved, that we may live together in peace.

My predecessor Rev’d Claude Hope Sutton, writing his letter in the parish magazine in September 1914 reminds his parishioners of the words of the Psalmist; “there is no king that can be saved by the multitude of an host, neither is any mighty man delivered by much strength; an horse is counted but a vain thing to save a man, neither shall he deliver any man by his great strength.  Behold the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, and upon them that put their trust in his mercy.”

It seems to me that the wisdom of the Psalmist is as important today as it ever was.

Yours in Christ