May Letter from the Team

Posted on by Tania Birtwistle

Dear Friends

In the week before Easter we remember that Christ was falsely accused by wicked people who sought to manipulate him for their own purposes.  He endured a mockery of a trial at which justice was absent.  Then after a flogging until nearly dead, and a ritual humiliation, he was crucified, dead and buried.  In this sequence of events God, in the person of Christ, received all the cruelty, unkindness, and violence that humans are capable of imposing on one another.  The mood is bleak.  In response to his tormentors Christ was silent, and then  prayed for forgiveness. 

On Easter Day we celebrate the victory of life over death, love over hate, forgiveness over vengeance, generosity over selfish greed.  The season of Easter continues for 40 days until Ascension Day.  During these days of Easter Christians read in their weekly worship the story of Christ’s risen life on earth.  The risen Christ transformed the fear of the disciples, the grief of the couple returning to Emmaus, the guilt of Peter, the empty fishing nets, the loneliness of Thomas.  The mood is joyeous

This pattern of suffering being transformed by the joy of new life is woven into the fabric of creation, as spring follows winter.  It is a pattern woven into human relationships, between individuals and nations. Peace following war, unity following division, forgiveness instead of vengeance.  We have been through difficult times as a nation in recent months.  Let us pray for Easter joy for our nation and all its people during the Easter season and the month of May.

Yours in Christ


Revd Simon Pitcher