March Letter from Revd. Judy Miller

Posted on by Tania Birtwistle


#LiveLent: Care for God’s creation.

I look forward to Lent every year. After I moved to Suffolk, I joined a group in Holton and subsequently reaffirmed my confirmation vows in St Mary’s Halesworth at the Easter vigil service in 1994. I still remember stepping into a bigger picture of faith and belief and owning the promises, in a new, stronger way due to God’s grace guiding our learning, study and fellowship in this study group.

So, I truly associate the season of Lent as one in which to take something up: responding positively to the gift of God’s son, alongside a meditative reflection on the sacrifice made by Jesus for us all. Making the most of this important time of preparation before celebrating anew the joy of our risen saviour at Eastertide. I can heartily recommend joining one of the Lent groups offered in the team- see details within.

However due to my shifts, I’ve often found group attendance difficult and so have accrued a collection of Lent (and Advent) books. Some are good enough to revisit. This year our diocese is recommending one that encourages us to “#LIVELENT – for God’s Creation”: in keeping with our call to be Good Stewards: to live in greater harmony with God, neighbour and nature, caring for creation. The book by Ruth Valerio is available for personal study, but the diocese has produced an ‘Environmental Lent Challenge’ booklet to allow us to think about 1 small action each day that, incrementally and corporately, can and will make a difference. Details can be found as below

Study, Be Challenged, Pray, Get Involved, Give: 5 positive ways to practice our faith during Lent.

Revd. Judy Miller