March Team Letter from Revd. Joan Lyon

Posted on by Tania Birtwistle

Dear Friends

The lengthening of the daylight hours……….that’s really what Lent means.  It comes from an old Saxon word “Lencten”  meaning to lengthen as day by day we enjoy longer light and appreciate the greening which comes at this time.  My own front garden is blessed with wild clumps of crocuses, primrose and primula, a real joy which greets me every morning.  Lent is the time when we are called to a deeper spiritual practice as we walk the way towards the Cross with Jesus, bringing to mind our own failings and frailties.  But we embark on this season in the hands of a gentle God who, in God’s wonderful creation, offers us signs of hope along this path.  When there seems little light or hope in our hearts as we contemplate our fragmented world, God gives us more light to live by, day by day as we move towards the vernal equinox and the joy of Easter. 

Gardening is an immensely re-creative activity as we offer ourselves as the tools which nurture God’s bounty.  Even when we can no longer wield a heavy spade or have difficulty bending down to weed, we can garden in our hearts.  By a short daily practice of reading and prayer or just 10 minutes of silent contemplation of a bunch of snowdrops, we can till the soil or plant a seed in our hearts and allow God’s Spirit to bring something new into our lives.  This new light is not just for ourselves but for the world. 

We are entrusted with the care of God’s creation so as we bring our own lives before God, we can widen our prayers to include the needs of those for whom this spring will be a difficult  time.  Many people in this country have suffered from the destruction of their land through flooding; many people throughout the world see little light as their communities live through times of horrendous violence, war and arbitrary victimisation.  Let us pray that our hearts will expand with generosity as God waits for us to show forth his light in the world. 

May you know that God walks with you on your Lenten journey. 

Revd. Joan