Posted on by Tania Birtwistle

Christians Together are Meeting together again with 6 Bible Reading Groups

We will be using a series looking at 1 Peter, one of the letters from Paul so if you would like to learn a little more about the Christian Way & Ideals in a friendly atmosphere, join in one of our Groups. The Groups are for everyone no matter which church you go to or if you have never been and want to just find out what it is all about YOU WILL BE WELCOME!

Groups commence the week beginning  Monday 4th October ‘21

GROUP 1. Tuesday 2.30pm.                    Led by Jenny Whines – Southwold

GROUP 2. Wednesday 11.00 am             Led by Sarah Wallington Smith –                                                                                            Southwold

GROUP 4. Thursday   3.00 pm.               Led By Judy Overy  – Southwold                                                                                          

 GROUP 5.  Friday     7.00pm                     Led by Jenny Allen – Blythburgh

Sign up forms are in the Churches, give yours to the Christians Together Representative or Email or phone either Judy Overy – on 01502 724459 or Email: Jenny Allen – on 01502 478314 – Email With:  1st & 2nd choice of Group, your telephone number & email address by Sunday 24th September – in order for us to buy the books & get them to you all in time. There is a charge of £5.00 to cover the cost of the booklets We hope you will come & join us