Living Prayer

Posted on by Tania Birtwistle


Living Prayer is a four session course which enables us to explore prayer individually and together.

Small groups will meet fortnightly at the following locations

Mondays-11am at Reydon Church

(Led by Revd Rich Henderson and others)

Wednesdays- 7.30pm at Parsons Meadow, 6 Church Street, Wangford,

(Led by Simon & Jackie Casement)

                                            Mondays          Wednesdays  

  1. 1.   Stopping                          5th Oct                7th Oct
  2. 2.   Receiving                         19th Oct             21st Oct
  3. 3.   Embracing                       2nd Nov              4th Nov
  4. 4.   Blessing                            16th Nov            18th Nov


Sign up to attend a group at the back of church in Reydon or Wangford.

Or contact Revd Rich Henderson 01502 722192