Holy Trinity, Blythburgh

Vicar In Charge: Revd. Simon Pitcher Tel: 01502 725424
Church Warden: Mrs Meryl Doney Tel: 01502 478 229
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Postcode: IP19 9LL

Jenny Allen – Safeguarding Officer – Tel: 01502 478 314  email: jennyanddick@aol.com The Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser can be contacted on   Karen.Galloway@cofesuffolk.org 07785 621319 (available 8am to 8pm)

Our safeguarding statement can be viewed in the downloads section of this page.

Open from 9am to 6pm.

Church buildings will remain open every day for individual private prayer.

The following Covid guidelines and restrictions are to keep each other safe and to show due care and consideration for each other.

Hands Please sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the Church.

Face Everyone is required to wear a facemask at all times during services.

Space Every one is required to maintain 2 metres distance at all times.

People are required to sit in the labelled positions only to maintain distancing.

People may not mingle and chat in the Church building, to maintain distancing.

Certain areas of the church are cordoned off as per guidelines for safety, please do not enter these areas.

Standard Service Pattern – this is suspended throughout February and most of March.  We hope to be back in Church for Palm Sunday. Please see March & Easter services for more information.

1st Sunday of Month         2nd Sunday of Month

6pm     Choral Evensong     11.15am Eucharist (CW)                                                        

3rd Sunday of Month          4th Sunday of Month

9.30am Morning Prayer (BCP) 9.30am Eucharist (BCP)           

5th Sunday of Month   No service

Special services are undertaken throughout the year so please check our upcoming services page


Eucharist = Holy Communion.

BCP means that we use the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. 

CW means Common Worship, using contemporary language.  Mostly traditional hymns, piano or organ

Choral means with choir and organ and traditional hymns



Holy Trinity, Blythburgh is a very large church that is of international renown.  It is a Grade 1 listed building of serene presence and atmosphere, overlooking the River Blyth and the marshes.  Due to its elegant profile and prominent position, it is often called ‘The Cathedral of the Marshes’;.  Look out for the angels in the roof, elegant survivors of the worst ravages of Cromwell’s troops and the iconoclast’s fundamentalism.  Legend tells that the satanic dog ‘Black Shuck’ prowled the church during a great storm in 1577.  Can you see his claw marks on the door?

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